Rip Not!

Rip not thy Reader!
(especially if it is
a library copy)

Print out (don't tear out) selections from the Reader that you want to keep handy.

For Easy Reference

Print-friendly pdf excerpts from the Reader

Letter-size landscape sheets.

Short Hours — Prayers for First, Third, Sixth, and Ninth Hours, short enough even for the busiest workplace. (61 KB)

Weekday Hymnal — Easy to sing hymns for each day of the week. (2.9 MB)

Canon Basics — An introduction to liturgical canons that helps to understand and to pray them at home. (66 KB)

Odd Chapter — Index of readily available multivolume Orthodox sources. (80 KB)

Reading Calendar for St Gregory Palamas: the Homilies. Easily find today's homily. (96 KB)

Bonus Features! (These items are not in the Reader)

Letter-size portrait sheets.

Cumulative Index for the Lives of Saints by St Demetrius of Rostov, Chrysostom Press (204 KB)

Music Notation Corrections for The Service of the Small Supplicatory Canon to the Most Holy Theotokos published by St Nectarios Press (90 KB)

Orthodox Theology and Western Theology (external link!) A lecture by Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos explaining differences between Orthodox and Western Theology. Scroll down from the audio control to see the English transcript.

Menaia Populations

Alphabetical Index: Holy Transfiguration Monastery Menaion (90 KB)

Alphabetical Index: St John of Kronstadt Press Menaion (181 KB)

HTM and SJKP Menaia: Comparative Chronological Listing (157 KB)