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Pointing the way to foundational Orthodox sources

Orthodox Christian

A Book.     A Library.     A Sampler.

A Guidepost pointing travelers to Orthodox oases.

What they're saying about the Reader

“...such a refreshingly unique approach, very engaging!” — a nun

“...wonderfully put together and expresses the depths of our Orthodox Faith.” — a monk

“...a very useful text on many levels.... Your notes and explanations are very fresh, conveying your personal appreciation for the various (and wonderfully varied) texts you introduce and bringing the older texts into a contemporary focus....” — a “cradle” Orthodox editor

“...a lot of food for thought. I've come to the realization that reading the kinds of pieces you have collected in this book is necessary to my faith and spiritual life.” — a seasoned convert

Hungry Orthodox Christian Reader is a sampler of books and types of Orthodox writings that seem to be “hidden.” Although they are foundational Orthodox literature and currently available in English, they are hidden through unfamiliarity or, surprisingly, a seeming too much familiarity.

Many of these resources are hidden away in scholarish, multivolume sets of books. Other staples of Orthodox reading have only recently arrived in English. Certain others are avoided as though proscribed. Those obscured by ostensible over-familiarity—the services, for example, with their expansive beauty and depth—are simply taken for granted and too often become burdensome obligation.

This collection from OLGA Press provides an encouraging glimpse into and introduction to these “hidden”—though widely available—texts and sources. The various selections deal not so much with what Orthodox believe, but rather how Orthodox believe. They aim toward a more Orthodox culture, world view, way of life.

The Reader is for hungry Orthodox: lifelong church members who feel there must be more to Orthodoxy than they perceive on Sunday morning; converts who seek the “fullness” they were promised; and “reverts” who left the Church because of hunger but now hungrily return.

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